Monday, March 24, 2008

If I made shoes

After looking at white sneakers in cotton I realised they are not made to wear. As soon as the smallest amount of dirt stains them you can just put them in your wardrobe next to the other "not clean enough to wear" pairs and buy new ones. Beacuse white sneakers are not meant to be nothing but white.

If I made white sneakers I would make a pair with a white logo or symbol on them. The logo/symbol would be made of "dirt proof" material and you can't see the mark as long as the shoe stays withe and new. The more dirt, stains and soil on the shoe the more the more would the white logo appear. Then you got a pair of shoes that are ment to be worn for a long time until the label are visible.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

9 weeks of internship

My internship at Apt is continuing to be fun, challenging and very educating. I really ended up at the right place and it feels like my head are full of new knowledge. I learn new things all the time and I’m starting to ask myself if it’s room for more information. What I first noticed as new project manager at Apt was my lack of knowledge regarding technology but I’m doing my best to increase by asking thousands of questions. I’m proud to announce that I know more about stuff like CMS, backend, W3C and the process of building a website.

I just started a new project were we are going to make an online advertising film. Just when I began to understand project management of websites and other thing online I get thrown into something totally new for me. This is what I love about my internship!

(For those who validate my site just because I was talking about W3C: Yes, I know there are some errors. But if Apple has 10 of them I guess it’s ok with my three. And who knows, I might just end up fixing them myself some day.)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Help, my brain is turning digital

No, it’s not the grass beginning to grow in the park or the birds returning from wherever they go during cold winter that’s giving me feelings of spring. It’s the automatic background on my Nintendo DS R4 Revolution card. During the past months it’s been a snowy background but now it has changed to a green leaf, which I discovered this morning. For me this was the first sign of spring. Seems as my R4 card is thinking for me.