Friday, December 21, 2007

One of those days

It has been a very lazy day. It’s the first day of my Christmas holiday and even though I have plenty of things to do I choose to do nothing. I took a long walk and then spent rest the day in front of my computer watching videos, reading blogs and just doing nothing important. During my walk I watched stones and mountains shaped from the ice age and suddenly I felt an urge to watch a documentary about this era. And by documentary I don’t mean the animated movie Ice Age. I putted this on top of my to-do-list, above practicing excel and read a book about project management. At least I will enter my internship in January full of knowledge about the ice age.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

How to revolutionize an educational system

10 weeks of final project is over and we had our final presentation today. During these weeks we have worked hard on a new concept that is going to reform the Swedish educational system. We came up with an idea called “Livskunskap”, (English translation would be Life Knowledge), which is a four week long course for young people in seventh grade. During these weeks they will get a broader knowledge about themselves and be able to build a good self-esteem. The course will also focus on prevent victimizing, gang formation and create a better school environment. The concept isn’t based on standard lectures. Instead we want to give them knowledge by let them experience what we are talking about, learning by doing and discussions. We also have a plan how to carry through with this idea and it’s based on a collaboration of the Ministry of Education, Teacher Training College and National Defence Collage. We have a long and detailed report about our project but I just wanted to give a fast summary.

This isn’t really what I want to work with in the future but it was a very interesting and developing project to develop. I’m a bit torn between my proud feelings over the project and my thoughts that perhaps I could have done something totally different. Maybe something that could have been a future job? But I wouldn’t want to be without all the things I have learned during this period either.

Now it’s holiday for me until 7th January when my internship begins.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I miss Japan

I can’t believe it has been over one month since I left Japan. Going straight from Tokyo to Oslo and then to my hometown is a bit strange and the differences become clear. I spend my days working hard with my final project and now and then I take a look at my phone that I blinged out in Japanese style during my trip and dream away. I spend my nights watching Heroes and trying to understand Hiro speaking Japanese. That’s a good measure on how much I miss Japan.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Leaving Oslo

I’m heading home today to wrap up our final project, be a part of the class exhibition and hold a presentation about our concept. But I’m coming back to Oslo soon since I decided to do my internship at Apt. It will be both challenging and fun! Finally some practice of what I have learned during school and a lot of new knowledge as well.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

If I made cameras # 2

I would make one with a digit combination lock. Bringing a camera to a party almost guarantees that someone looks at all the taken photos. Today’s memory cards are so big that there is room for weeks of photos. You don’t always have the time to upload them and therefore you leave them on the camera. A digit combination in the camera makes sure that you can bring the camera anywhere but still have some integrity. You would still be able to take photos with the camera, but without the digit combination you can not preview the pictures. This would also solve the problem with people deleting photos on your camera without you knowing.