Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another year over and a new one just begun

It’s been a combination of work, new hobbies and to little free time that kept me away from blogging. But I plan to end my year with a post and will make a wish tonight when 2008 becomes 2009 (not a promise) that more post will follow during next year.

2008 started with an internship in Oslo at a digital agency. One thing lead to another and when I graduated from Hyper Island in May I was employed as a project manager. A hectic period followed with a lot of projects. A strong will to always learn more and do better kept me busy and made me work both long and hard. I spend my two summer vacation weeks on a small island without internet and enjoyed food, sun, reading and swimming. Autumn started with me receiving a MacBook for work. I fell in love with this tiny machine and can’t imagine a life with PC again. Oslo finally started to feel like my home and with this feeling came a strong homesickness. I miss family, friends and my dog like crazy. The last months of 2008 I spend playing Halo 3 and L4D, crocheting amigurumi and cooking food while my biggest project went live. Christmas holiday started early this year because I treated myself with another trip to Japan. New Years eve is currently taking place in a tiny hotel room in Hatagaya, but give me another hour and I’ll be clubbing in Shibuya.

This post actually made me think a bit more about 2009. Guess I have to do some thinking about next year and set up some goals to work against. But for tonight I wish nothing but champagne, good food, music, fire crackers and dancing.

Happy New Year!