Monday, August 23, 2010

I now pronounce this blog dead

I no longer have any goals with this blog and I therefore have no motivation of making it good.

Maybe I’ll try CPR in the future. But for now it’s cold dead.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bye bye Oslo

New year = new country and new town. I took a decision to move this autumn and over Christmas and New Year I did. It kind of breaks my heart to leave all my wonderful co-workers behind and a really great job. But sometimes you have to take new paths in life even though the first steps might be a bit scary.

My new hometown is small, surrounded by the ocean and somehow it manages to be headwind everywhere. I've given my future career a lot of thinking and ended up writing a list of everything I can see myself do in the future. On this list there are things as;
Pug breeder
Documentary filmmaker
Children writer
Study Japanese
Horse farm in Iceland<
Work in Tokyo
Event agency
PA for Steve Jobs
Be involved in filmmaking
Run my own magazine
Work at Google

There might not be a clear link between these jobs. But what they all have in common are new experience, a challenge and a lot of things to learn.

But for right now I see myself continuing to work as a project manager. While looking round for an interesting job, I've started working with an idea me and my boyfriend talked a lot about. It's too good to blog about, but if every piece falls in place I will give you an update.